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Watermelon Festival........................June 18-26
Festival Bike Ride............................June 25
House Seat #122 Runoff Election   June 28

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  in the JUNE 28th runoff
for SC House Seat 122

Posted 6.17.16      

SC House District #122- For those of you that voted in the June 14th Democratic Primary for State Representative William K. Bowers, thank you for your vote. Unfortunately the job of re-electing Bill is not complete as he must now face off against Hampton County Council Chairman Shedron Williams. Initially Jasper County resident Curtis Brantley finished 2nd to Bowers last week but has now chosen to not seek seat #122 in the runoff. Brantley has subsequently been replaced by the 3rd place winner last week- Williams. State law allows for a candidate to be replaced in a runoff if one of the top finishers drops out.

     Last week only 22% of Hampton County residents showed up at the polls to cast their ballot. This time around that just will not do! It’s time for everyone to get out and vote for a State House veteran that will continue to do an excellent job for the residents of Hampton County. We need to maintain a Hampton County presence in Columbia.  Bill Bowers is the only link we have between us and Columbia. Please remember to vote for Bill Bowers on June 28th in the SC House seat #122 runoff. All precincts will be open from 7:00am until 7:00pm.

If you are not going to be out of town or are home bound and would like to vote absentee you may do so by mail by June 24th. To vote absentee in person you may do so at the Board of Elections and Voter Registration Office at the B. T. Deloach Building on Jackson Avenue in Hampton by June 27

     THE NEWS!

A message from State
    Rep. Bill Bowers

Posted 6.23.16     
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Please allow me to sincerely thank everyone who voted in the June 14 primary. Voting requires time, transportation, patience and perseverance while the demands of work, kids, and other obligations remain. Further, many feel their vote doesn’t count. Of course, the idea of “vote not counting” can’t be known until after the fact when it’s too late.
       While we came close to a win on June 14th, we must vote again in the June 28th runoff. So folks, June 28th is an extremely important date for our future. Your vote on June 28th will determine whether we keep our front seat at the Statehouse that took 20 years to get, or go to the back of the line and wait 20 more years to regain what we now have. Please don’t risk losing our place. Vote June 28th.
     We have something unique, rare and important across the state, certainly for Hampton.  With your vote on June 28th, we will be ranked # 10 in seniority where it counts most-the Statehouse. Remember that our future is in your hands on June 28th.
     So again, I sincerely thank everyone who voted this week and encourage you to make plans to vote again. It’s not often that you have a second bite at the apple, but you will on June 28th.  There will be no third chance after June 28th. Plan now and bring a friend to vote so your voice is heard.
     Together, we will realize the full potential of Hampton County.

County leaders pass
      2016-17 budget

Posted 6.21.16
HAMPTON COUNTY- At last night’s Hampton County Council meeting, council voted 4-1 to pass the 2016-2017 county budget. Council Chairman Shedron Williams cast the only vote in opposition to the spending plan.
    By passing this budget the County Council has once again balanced the county budget with no increase in taxes or fees. The budget does include the institution of a “merit based” pay increase that should help with employee retention. The budget also includes an over $1,000,000 appropriation for Capital Equipment Improvements. This item was also passed by Council with a vote of 4-1 with Williams again voting against.         “The following sums of money have been appropriated for the purposes herein set forth for Hampton County Government, School District One and School District Two for the period beginning July 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2017”:

General Fund                                               $14,462,258
Fire District Fund                                                589,275
Fire Capital Reserve                                            24,430
Council on Aging                                               545,088
E-911                                                                    216,900
Clerk of Court Incentive Fund                            81,526
CTC Fund                                                            650,000
Sheriff’s Dept. Fund                                        2,031,831

The Auditor is hereby aurthorized to levy; and the Treasurer is empowered to collect 196.8 mills for the General Fund

There is hereby levied a tax of 17 mills for those areas within the Hampton County Rural Fire Protection District.

There is hereby levied a tax of 1 mill for Fire Capital Reserve.

There is hereby levied a tax of 198 mills for School District One.

There is hereby levied a tax of 299 mills for School District Two.

Webb Field Day marks
     75th anniversary

Posted 6.20.16       
GARNETT- Attendees at the S.C. Department of Natural Resources’ recent Field Day and Open House at the James W. Webb Wildlife Center were treated to a wide variety of fun and educational activities at the nearly 6,000-acre Wildlife Management Area in rural Hampton County.

    The “Webb Center” is well-known among generations of hunters who return to it each year for the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) computer lottery-drawn white-tailed deer hunts, turkey hunts and for its fantastic small game hunts. But there’s lots on offer for other outdoor enthusiasts at this historic property on the Savannah River as well, including fantastic opportunities for hiking, paddling, fishing or mountain biking. The Webb Center also plays an important role as a center for research and management activities carried out by DNR biologists and land managers. Building habitat is key at Webb, where the use of prescribed fire and other techniques on the properties upland areas preserves the longleaf pine and native grass ecosystem required by endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers and favored by many other native grassland-loving species such as bobwhite quail. Webb’s acres of bottomland hardwoods and cypress-tupelo swamps are also a wildlife watchers paradise, with miles accessible nature and canoe trails available to visitors throughout the year.

          The Webb Center (then known as Belmont Plantation) was the first Wildlife Management Area (WMA) purchased by the state of South Carolina back in 1941. Now, 75 years later, the DNR provides quality public outdoor recreation opportunities on more than 1 million acres of land across the state in the WMA program. To commemorate the 75th year milestone, the June 4 Field Day at the Webb Center offered range of programs and activities led by the DNR’s Wildlife Section staff and other outdoor professionals designed to provide outdoor fun and learning for the whole family.
     If you missed the Open House and Field Day at Webb Wildlife Center, don’t despair! The Webb Center is open to the public year-round during daylight hours (except during scheduled firearm and archery hunts), and a trip to Webb is guaranteed to be an outdoor adventure you will remember for a long time. In addition, another Open House and Field Day event is scheduled for Sept. 10 at the DNR’s Wateree River Heritage Preserve outside Columbia.

             Wildlife Management Area lands in South Carolina

       In 75 years DNR has grown the WMA program from a 5,000-acre tract on the Savannah River in Hampton County to a massive, statewide collection of lands providing a wealth of public access.

       DNR maintains a public hunting program on over 1 million acres of public land in South Carolina.

      DNR staff maintain habitat, facilities, infrastructure and access on over 260,000 acres of DNR-owned lands which occur on over 75 Wildlife Management Areas and Heritage Preserves across the state.
       Additional WMA lands are leased using funds generated from the sale of the WMA permit, required for hunting on WMA lands.

  Elections bring in 
       new faces

Posted 6.15.16

HAMPTON COUNTY- In Hampton County tonight, there were some new faces voted into office while some longtime office holders said goodbye to their positions.

     In the race for Hampton County Council, where two seats were up for grabs, Hampton residents Ronald “Breeze” Winn, along with Zachary Mixon, where vying for the seat that will be vacated by Chris Haulsee at year’s end. Haulsee chose not to run for re-election. The third candidate in the equation, Incumbent Dr. Roy Hollingsworth was also running to retain his seat. After the dust has settled Ronald Winn ended up with Haulsee’s seat with 1016 votes while Mixson last by only 16 votes with a total of 1000. Winn will take his seat on Council at the first County Council meeting of 2017.

     In the hotly contested State House seat #122, currently held by Representative Bill Bowers, there were four candidates in the ring. Three candidates are from Hampton County and include Bowers, Hampton County Council Chairman Shedron Williams and John Polk. The fourth candidate is Jasper County resident and former House of Representatives member Curtis Brantley .Unofficially Bill Bowers won both Jasper and Hampton County with a total of 2419 votes or 42.3%. Bowers was followed by Brantley with 1490 votes (26.1%) in both counties while Shedron Williams winded up with 1479 votes (25.9%). John Polk finished third with 329 votes (5.75%). The vote totals between Williams and Brantley were less than a 1% difference which could mean a recount. Regardless of who finishes second (Brantley or Williams) there will be a runoff in two weeks. There are a handful of votes that have yet to be counted that could make a difference in who will face Bowers on June 28th.

     The last major election in the county, the Treasurer’s race included longtime county Treasurer Bill Tuten against newcomers Jennifer Ginn Youmans, the current grant writer for Hampton County. Youmans routed Tuten by a vote of 1539 to 1098. Youmans will take office after January 1st.

     All total are unofficial and will be certified on Thursday at 10:00am.

Bowers nails down grant
     for Yemassee depot

Posted 6.14.16      
YEMASSEE- Representative Bill Bowers is pleased to announce a grant of $10,000 for electrical improvements and bathroom installation at the Yemassee Railroad Depot Amtrak station.  Representative Bowers presented the check at the last town hall meeting. Mayor Jerry Cook and Train Revitalization Committee Chairman J L Goodwin accepted the check.
     Mayor Cook expressed appreciation to Representative Bowers for the money saying that it would allow the revitalization effort to continue into the next phase. Revitalization Committee Chairman J L Goodwin explained that the next phase is electrical improvements and renovation of the unusable restrooms into modern ADA compliant facilities.

     These improvements are the first after the initial complete renovation of the exterior of the building which has brought attention and great reviews for its appearance. While the renovation of the exterior provides a grand statement about the future of the train depot, it remained non-functional without electrical or functioning restrooms or inside waiting area.

     The Yemassee Trail Station is important to everyone, not solely Yemasseeans, because it is the only place for residents of the Lowcountry to access the national Amtrak rail system.  Representative   Bowers recommended and expressed hope that the train station will also serve as the official welcome station for the Lowcountry.
     Representative Bowers stated that the train station is a place to meet the train while serving as a vital part of the renewed effort to attract investment and jobs to Hampton, Beaufort, and Jasper County. A welcome center will tell I- 95 travelers why they should visit all of Hampton, Beaufort and Jasper Counties.
    Representative Bowers is working with all towns to identify the most special reason and place to visit. He wants to establish a Hampton County trail map to encourage visitors to visit sites of national significance such as Lake Warren State Park, Brunson Town Hall, The Hampton Colored School, and the Gifford Rosenwald School. The train depot welcome center could tell the story of why Hampton County and the Lowcountry are a great place to live, work, play and to invest in jobs for residents. Representative Bowers stated that one of his top legislative priorities for the next legislative session is to obtain more money continue the revitalization effort.
  2016 Fest Bike Ride
   expands, new date
Posted 6.7.16

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