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 Record-breaking season
    for Sea Turtle nesting

Posted 7.5.16      
COASTAL SOUTH CAROLINA- Nesting sea turtles have outdone themselves again in South Carolina.
   With several weeks still left in the nesting season, the state's sea turtle nest numbers have surpassed the record high (5,198 nests) set in 2013.
The number of nests laid in 2015, 5,111, was exceeded last week.
     DNR biologists report that loggerhead sea turtles have laid more nests on the South Carolina coast this season than any previous year on record. (Photo: USFWS)
This milestone marks South Carolina's third record-setting season out of the last four years. It's also consistent with a broader trend across the Southeast, as states like Georgia and Florida have reported similar record-setting numbers in recent years.
     S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) biologists who monitor sea turtles are optimistic that the high nest numbers represent the pay-off of decades of conservation efforts -- and mean that recovery of the loggerhead, the most common sea turtle in South Carolina, is on track.
    "We are very excited to see years of blood, sweat and tears bear fruit with increasing nest numbers. Many folks have toiled away on our beaches to protect nests as the state enacted key management practices, such as use of turtle-excluder devices, to protect turtles in our waters," said DNR sea turtle biologist Michelle Pate. "While nesting numbers are up, there is still work to be done here in South Carolina and globally protecting turtles from hazards in the water and their nesting habitat on land."
     Sea turtles are large, ancient reptiles that spend the majority of their lives at sea, where they eat crustaceans, algae, and jellyfish. Four species nest in South Carolina: the loggerhead, green, leatherback, and Kemp's ridley. Beginning in May, mature females come ashore to dig holes in the sand and lay clutches of leathery, ping pong ball-sized eggs. After two months, juvenile sea turtles emerge from these nests and crawl to the shoreline to begin the cycle anew.
     South Carolina celebrated its first hatched nest of the year, laid by a loggerhead at Edisto Beach State Park, on July 9, 2016.
    Since the late 1970s, a team of DNR staff, partners, and hundreds of volunteers have made up South Carolina's sea turtle nesting network. These dedicated individuals scour state beaches each spring and summer in order to count, protect, and inventory sea turtle nests.
     "We're grateful to all those involved in making this a successful sea turtle year in South Carolina," said Pate.
     Learn more about sea turtle conservation and how you can get involved: http://www.dnr.sc.gov/seaturtle

Sea Turtle Season Reminders:

Keep Lights Out! on beachfront property during nesting season.
Refrain from using flash photography on the beach at night.
Keep our beaches and ocean clean. Trash items such as plastic bags and balloons can cause injury or death when sea turtles mistake them for jellyfish, a favorite food.
Respect sea turtles by observing them from a distance on the beach.
Report dead or injured sea turtles and nest disturbances to DNR at 1-800-922-5431.
Report sightings of healthy turtles to DNR at http://www.seaturtle.org/istor.
    Promote and support our program for continued conservation of sea turtles in South Carolina through purchase of a specialty vehicle license plate or Check for Wildlife on Form I-330 on your state tax return.

HCSO names Patrolman
          of the Quarter
Posted 7.21.16                                                       by Shellie Murdaugh

HAMPTON COUNTY- The Hampton County Sheriff’s Office recently recognized its Patrolman of the Quarter during a ceremony held July 15 at the sheriff’s office.

     Hampton County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Craig Smith began the program as a way to recognize a deputy whose job performance met the highest standards throughout the current quarter. The program began in December and one patrolman is recognized during a quarterly ceremony throughout the year. Those officers receiving the honor in the past were Cpl. Jarvis Lessane, Deputy Justin Ayer, and Deputy Antonio Griffin.

     Hampton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Antonio Green received the honor this quarter. Green has worked with the sheriff’s office for a year. He is a 2009 graduate of Wade Hampton High School and received a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice in 2013 from Vorhees College. He received a $50 gift certificate, a designated parking spot for the quarter he is being recognized, and a shirt recognizing him as patrolman of the quarter worn on the weekends during his shift.

     “This program was started as a way to continue to build the morale within the department and as a way of recognizing an officer who reflects the values of the department and takes pride in his job,” Smith said. “In a sense it is a type of competition, however we appreciate each and every officer for all of their hard work throughout the year.”

     The Patrolman of the Quarter, Smith said, is selected by using several guidelines, including dependability and efficiency. One example, he said, would be that the deputy turned his paperwork in on time and was on time for each shift he worked.

     “This program is a way of recognizing the hard work and dedication of our officers,” Hampton County Sheriff T.C. Smalls said. “We appreciate all of our officers for all that they do for the department and the community in which they serve.”

  Yemassee Night Out
          August 2nd

Posted 7.19.16    
YEMASSEE- Yemassee is spending the evening of Aug. 2 outside with neighbors to help prevent crime. The event is from 6 to 8 p.m.
     As part of the 33rd annual National Night Out, communities are encouraged to lock their doors, turn on outside lights and spend time outside with neighbors and police, playing games, cooking out on the grill or watching parades, according to a news release from Alpha Genesis Inc., one of the local event’s co-sponsors. The town of Yemassee is also sponsoring the event locally, while the National Association of Town Watch sponsors the national effort.
    This will be Yemassee’s first year participating in the night out, joining over 16,700 communities in an effort to bring awareness to crime and drug prevention efforts, generate support for local anticrime efforts and strengthen community-police relationships. National project leaders have called the effort a “going-away party” for crime and drugs, according to the release.
     Some of the local events will include a hamburger and hot dog dinner cooked by Yemassee Police Department and Yemassee Fire Department, music and bounce house activities, and door prizes.
     For more information, call Town Hall at 843-589-6315
 Ware awards given

Posted 7.18.16
 VARNVILLE- Keyra Celeste Varn, a third grader at Varnville Elementary, was the recipient of the Bess Dowling Ware award, which was presented during the VES awards day program on June 1.  The award winner is chosen from the third grade students at VES and must exemplify great character to include respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, caring, and leadership.  Announcing the award were her teachers, Kelly Shipes and Christy Sauls.  Mr. and Mrs. Williams S. Ware’s children, Billy and Claudia Ware, Sandra W. Gooding, Martha Bouknight, and Barbara Ware were present and presented Varn with her award.
          Varn was presented with a $25 check and a plaque. Varn is the daughter of  Shaneequa Varn and the late Jerome Varn and she resides in Varnville, S.C.  She plays youth soccer and is a member of the SALT girls group from Lively Stone Temple Church. Varn is also in the Gifted and Talented Program in Hampton School District One.

    Zachariah Spencer Kelehear, a third grader at Varnville Elementary, was the recipient of the annual William S. Ware award, which was presented during the awards day program on June 1 at the Varnville Recreation Department. Kelehear has attended VES since Prekindergarten.  The award winner is chosen from the third grade students at VES and must exemplify scholarship, leadership, citizenship, honesty, and friendliness. Billy and Claudia Ware, Sandra W. Gooding, Martha Bouknight, and Barbara Ware, children of the late Mr. and Mrs. William S. Ware, were present. They presented Kelehear with his plaque and check and congratulated him with encouraging words.  Also presenting the award were his teachers, Dawn Smith and Jacqueline Anderson.
     Kelehear was presented with a $50 check and a plaque at the awards ceremony.  Spence and Cindy Kelehear, his parents, and his grandmothers, Betty Terry and Lanette Bennett, were also in attendance for this special award.  Kelehear resides in Varnville, S.C. He loves sports and plays youth soccer, football, and baseball. Kelehear is also in the Gifted and Talented program in Hampton School District One.

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